Buy Cloned Credit Card From Hackers and Cash Out 2021

What is a Cloned Credit Card?

Hackers use credit card skimmers to obtain the magnetic stripe information of a credit or debit card. The information gotten is not limited to the credit card pin, numbers, CVV, and expiry date. This information comes in the form of dumps with pin (101 or 201) now they use the MSR writer to put the information gotten on a blank card.

The blank card that contains information gotten using the credit card skimmers are referred to as cloned credit cards. You can use them for instore shopping (carding) or cashout at the ATM. It can be beautified that you may not identify that it is a fake or cloned card.

These cards are sold on the dark web or clear net and those who need fast money can purchase them and cash out ASAP.

On this page, I will show you how to buy a cloned credit card online and how to cash out with it. The cashout process is easy and you can do it without any trace.

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There are no special tools required to cash out a cloned credit or debit card, all you need to do is to buy an active cloned card from us and follow the documentation we’ll send to your email carefully.

Below are the price lists of our cloned credit cards


Card Type Card Balance Price Payment Method Payment Method
Visa, Master or AMEX $10,000 $1200 Bitcoin   Order Now
Visa, Master or AMEX $8500 $850 Bitcoin   Order Now
Visa, Master or AMEX $5000 $560 Bitcoin   Order Now
Visa, Master or AMEX $4200 $350 Bitcoin   Order Now
Visa, Master or AMEX $3600 $230 Bitcoin   Order Now
Visa, Master or AMEX $2800 $180 Bitcoin   Order Now
Visa, Master or AMEX $1500 $150 Bitcoin   Order Now

The withdrawal limits for the ATM Dumps with Pin (cloned Credit Cards) are from $1,000 to $5,000 daily. You can always withdraw more amounts until you hit the bank ATM withdrawal limit from the same machine or different ATM machines around you.

How to Purchase cloned Credit Cards?

If you are ready to buy a cloned card, contact us on ICQ or Whatsapp to make payment and provide your shipping address. You can as well make the payment using the “Order Now” link above, kindly put your shipping address on the note option during check out.

If you already have an MSR, you can buy dumps with pin here and write them yourself.

Please, do not contact us and ask us to send you a card before payment, only contact us when you are ready with payment. The cards have no regional lock and can be used in any ATM, we equally deliver to anywhere in the world but UK, USA and Canada delivery are faster.

We always ask happy customers to drop us a review on this page, you can go through them to see how we do good business of selling cloned cards.

Whatsapp: +447586708178

ICQ: @kin340


  1. About to place an order right now, will reply with feedback

  2. is this genuine

  3. I got the 3600 balance card, it was delivered to me the next day here in NY. I was able to take out 2400 before the card stopped working. Never knew this shit works haha

  4. Nice one, it worked for me guys!

  5. I tried the 150 cards, it was delivered to me here in CA. Was able to cash out 200 at the first ATM, 500 at the second ATM. Couldn’t exhaust the balance but cashed out 500 more on the second day. I can now pay my house bills, thanks kin.

  6. hello ADMIN it work to Euro like france

  7. It worked for me, i got my package delivered to edinburg, United Kingdom.

  8. Legit! Did it work for anybody else?

  9. Would like to place an order but I’ve gotten no response back

  10. I would like to place an order but I get no responds. Its been 2 weeks.

  11. I just got my order of 3600 delivered, there was a delay but i was told it’s due to corona virus, I’m so happy rn.

  12. I tried finding you on whats app and i just emailed. I would like to purchase a good fullz

  13. Best and legit vendor I’ve ever seen

  14. Just checking to see if comments work

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  16. do we have anyone here who can verify if this is real and genuine ?

  17. Just ordered going to see how this goes.

  18. Did you get your card yet

  19. Hello, I have already paid for a credit card and I sent my address , i am waiting for it to arrive

  20. I want to buy, hoe can I contact you?

  21. Dank der Administratoren dieser Seite habe ich meine Karte hier in Deutschland bekommen und konnte mich zurückziehen

  22. I’m happy i found this plug. I got my card here in Canada and was able to withdraw all the 1500 balance, i will be doing my second order soon.

  23. I am happy to join those that are testifying, i got my card here in GA and was able to take out the whole balance though it wasn’t once.

  24. great card will be purchasing again soon

  25. I really appreciate the good business man. i have informed my guys about you and they gonna shop with you too

  26. Do They Work In South Africa?

  27. This guy is official, i recommend him for any business. dude be killing me with sauce

  28. Here is my review as i promised to drop a review here if everything goes well. The delivery was fast since i asked him to use same day shipping… I have confirmed that it is safe here and i will spread the good news

  29. Nice doing business with mr. Kin, my order arrived here in SA and the card worked

  30. they are awesome i get the order and its work great thank YOU

  31. Do these cards work in Brazil?

  32. Hi, i’ll test this in France ans give y’all a feedback guys

  33. gonna try this out will leave feedback

  34. I’m very much a newbie, looking to talk with someone to help me get a better feel for this. Thank you

  35. i’m new to this trying to see if it stills works

  36. Thanks man, it worth it at the end

  37. Does this still work? Im trying order a card.

  38. This card are real i got my card few hours ago and am just coming back from the atm where i made my first withdraw of 1500$ i am going crazy this is fucking real i was being so skeptical about it at first don’t blame me the street these days got fucked up lots of scammers and now i can comfortably say icocliqs is a plug

  39. Really need some professional help to get started

  40. This dude is legit af. couldn’t believe there is still good people out here

  41. 😬Okay so I ordered my card & I’m going to give updates once received. I’m excited

  42. Dude is loaded, real plug

  43. To be safe, should I find an ATM that doesn’t have a camera?

    • Umm I think everywhere you go its going to be cameras’ I was thinking since we have to wear masks anyways & its chilly sometimes just be fully covered or have someone you trust go pull it for you while you wait in the car. IDK

    • Wear a mask
      Its even easier bcuz of covid but if u can avoid camera ATMs then yh ofc

  44. I’ve just ordered my card hope it work I’ve been looking for a trustworthy selling for weeks update when I get my package

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  46. Thanks man, I got my package

  47. I got my package, thanks to everyone.

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  49. really need some cash
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  50. Has anyone that’s recently bought one get theirs and it hit? I’m tryna see before I cop any.

  51. Will this work in the Philippines?

  52. So is it for real and genuine

  53. This is the only legit site i have seen, I placed an order after making payment I got an order number. i was contacted through email and I got my package after 5 days
    Happy I came across you man.

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  56. Do u still have stock? And how long does it take to get to me with free shipping

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  58. Hi, After seeing some feedback, I ordered a card to test it out, so I can testify here that it is real. This is the only genuine card seller I have found in darkweb.

  59. Thank you for doing real business

  60. I was in a deep mess when I was introduced to icocliqs i started with the $230 clone and it all worked as planned. i am happy to have come across this website through a friend.

  61. looking to order a cc to the uk how long would delivery be

  62. monkeyfeetstinkbad

    I trusted him after reading the review here, and i am happy i did.

  63. You still live before I make a order?

  64. Excellent service store, reasonable prices, small. The quality is high, I was very satisfied. Fast delivery, great prices good support. I buy for the purpose of making money.

  65. I just got my card today, I’ll keep you all updated when I go to the ATM

  66. Hi everyone I ordered a $150 to start with. the service and answers to my questions were very fast and pro. As long as my card arrives I try it and come and tell you….

  67. Just ordered myself $150 card will keep everyone updated!

  68. so BA?? have you received your card?

    • Hey guys, i already received the first card i ordered and everything went as planned. I am on my second order currently, my home boys did place an order too.

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    Please check your email, I’m trying to place an order. Want to confirm some things before i buy it.

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  74. I made an order is 4369, you can confirm the email that I send you. Thanks

  75. I just placed an order, I am waiting for it to arrive. That money will help my mother who has cancer, I will inform you if the card arrives

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  77. seems legit imma buy

  78. Just picked one of them, $150. Will update here with information as to whether i received it and if I was able to withdraw. Payed for overnight shipping as well so should be here soon. So far support has been great though.

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  80. I’m happy i got to see this site, at least there is still some trusted people out there

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